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Born from enthusiasm

We understand that the excellence of our services is largely due to the people who provide them. We are proud that our people are leaders in their field, and their enthusiasm for their work sets us apart from the competition.

Andre Vaux - claireLOGIC

Andre Vaux


Andre is an IT professional with experience across multiple industry sectors. claireLOGIC was borne out of his desire to service the industry he is so passionate about. He applied existing knowledge and experience with a thirst for continuous improvement to provide his clients a round-the-clock service they can trust.

Andy Tristram


Andy’s technical ability to understand, retain and strategically use his IT knowledge is exceptional. He brings many years’ experience working on projects large and small mastering many different types of technology. His collaboration with Andre brings our clients another perspective to solve IT and communication challenges, and achieve their business goals.

Mark Sasche


Mark has been with claireLOGIC for over 10 years – he was previously our Operations Director, helping to develop many areas of the business. Mark now enjoys assisting our new and existing clients choose the right IT solutions.

Tim Walker


Tim has over 20 years’ real-world experience, supporting business with IT and communications strategy. He is passionate about helping organisations get the very best from their technology investments – with a key focus on maximising efficiency, profitability and return on investment in technology.

Anita Gresnyer


Anita joined claireLOGIC in 2018. She manages all of our finance operation – as well as ensuring that our financial decision-making is aligned to our organisations objectives. Anita is focussed on making life easy for our clients. With a strong project management background, Anita also heads-up our quality management framework.

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Quite simply, we know that the difference between doing a good job and doing an outstanding job lies in the people who deliver our services – and we are proud to say they are the best in the field. Passionate about their work – our value-driven and experienced engineers set us apart from all of our competition.

Value driven engineers

At claireLOGIC, teamwork is at the heart of our core values; we believe that building an effective team is the foundation for offering quality support. Our team is made up of highly skilled technical experts from various backgrounds.

They are not only proficient in IT systems but also display the importance of being able to interact with clients in a courteous, understanding manner and a willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.

We are committed to ongoing development – providing training but also encouraging self-study and team engagement. Additionally, we have forged several strategic partnerships which help our staff adhere to high standards.

To ensure claireLOGIC upholds its excellent reputation and high standards of service delivery that our clients expect, we are always seeking talented individuals who share our vision.