Strategic IT Review


Leverage technology to achieve your business goals

An IT Strategic Review will help you to focus on your business goals.


Do you have a plan to keep your business thriving in the future? What would happen if some of your data was lost, stolen or unavailable? Get technical and business strategic advice to future-proof your business. 


At claireLOGIC we have helped many organisations plan their IT roadmap with a strategic review. More than just a cursory evaluation – an IT Strategic Review is a comprehensive, technical system exploration, which highlights strengths and weaknesses as well as potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with your different systems.

Establishing both current and long-term business goals will influence all decisions and investments that you make. claireLOGIC will work with you to create a Technology Roadmap containing recommendations and aims alongside budget projections, vulnerabilities and areas of growth.


Do I need a Strategic IT Review?

A business of every size, no matter what their goals and objectives are would benefit from a Strategic Review. The Strategic Review can be undertaken in isolation or to underpin an existing support service, technical engagement or business change.

The review encompasses a comprehensive report covering the specific IT needs of the business and is structured to pre-agreed individual requirements; for example we can structure the report to support business decision makers, IT managers’ or both.



Your next steps

Where are you now?

claireLOGIC are here to assist you and your business on your IT journey. We identify where you are, where you are going and what IT strategy is needed to achieve your business objectives.

We understand that IT is critical to your business and without it, your organisation may not even be able to operate. A strategic plan provides direction and focus with an achievable roadmap to meeting specific measurable business and operational goals.


A Strategic IT Review will ensure your business is maximising its IT investment. Each documented IT Strategy will contain 5 key areas:

Full technical and business analysis of IT estate
► Planning
Understand current and future needs of your business
Prioritise short, medium and long term IT requirements
Ensure your business gets the most of your investment
Highlight key areas of concern and risk

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