IT Strategic Review

We collaborate with companies to help them reach their business goals. Our service identifies where you are, where you are going, and what IT Strategy is needed to achieve your business objectives.

A Strategic IT Review allows you to identify any potential areas of risk in your current IT infrastructure and make whatever changes are necessary to improve security.

Do you have a plan to keep your business thriving in the future? What would be the repercussions if any of your data got lost, stolen or became unavailable?

Get strategic advice on both technical and business matters, to secure the future of your business. A Strategic Review can be the first step in ensuring that your organisation is ready for whatever comes its way. The information gathered from this process provides a great starting point for making informed decisions about how best to improve existing IT systems.

We’ll provide comprehensive insight into areas of strength and weaknesses, potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with your different IT systems.

Establishing both current and long-term business goals will influence all decisions and investments that you make.

claireLOGIC will work with you to create a Technology Roadmap containing recommendations, goals, budget assessments, security risks and potential areas of progress. By accessing our Technology Roadmap, you are provided with the necessary intel and important budget estimations to make decisions.

Strategic road-mapping

This roadmap will help you design a successful course of action in your business.

IT Infrastructure

We assess all your hardware, software and network resources to deliver IT services within your organisation as well as externally.


We take a closer look at your IT security – evaluate the current systems you have in place and identify any potential risks.

Company Policies

We review your IT policies to make sure that any obsolete or missing regulations are recognised and resolved.

Do I need a Strategic IT Review?

All businesses, regardless of their size and aims, would reap the rewards of engaging in a Strategic Review. The Strategic Review can be undertaken in isolation or to underpin an existing support service, technical engagement, or business change.

The review provides an in-depth report tailored to the specific IT requirements of the business. Depending on which party is benefiting from the document, it can be structured to suit business decision-makers, IT professionals, or a combination of both.

The 8 dimensions of an IT Strategic Review

A Strategic IT Review will guarantee you are getting the most out of your IT expenditure.

Risk management

Recommendations on how to best manage risks on data security – both internally and externally, offering more protection and compliance.


Access your current security protocols, we’ll evaluate them to see if your organisation is adequately protected from potential cyber threats.

Disaster planning

Review your existing IT systems. Provide solutions to ensure that your business runs as usual in the event of a cyber attack or natural disaster.


Review existing hardware infrastructure – offer recommendations on how to best future-proof, to maximise your business capabilities.

Impartial assessment

Utilise transparent recommendations that help to leverage the power of IT – to enable the organisation to achieve its goals.


Consider best practices for your business and how to implement improved solutions to minimise disruption.

Plan for the future

Suggestions are categorised by severity and the resources to focus on first, helping you make a confident plan for the future.

Gap analysis

Identify components that are missing or need to be improved in your existing IT Strategy to save your organisation time and money.


Your next steps

At claireLOGIC we strive to help you and your business advance on the IT path. We will take a look at where you are now, figure out what direction you need to go in and pinpoint the strategy that will best accomplish your company’s goals.

We understand IT is a crucial component for your business; it is needed in order for the organisation to operate. Developing a strategic plan provides direction, along with a tangible path towards meeting desired business and operational objectives.

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