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Businesses seeking increased agility and innovation are finding that the cloud offers many advantages over typical on-premise solutions. Including faster progress, reduced IT costs and enhanced mobility.

Stay ahead with expert advice

The cloud is more than a technology; it’s a business possibility. Using the cloud offers a competitive edge to power business insights, increase agility and provide flexible working with speed to delight your customers.

We start with the business strategy and then help deliver cloud adoption as well as consider technical and business outcomes.

By integrating cutting-edge cloud technologies, such as Microsoft Azure, with your existing business applications, we can meet the IT objectives you have in mind.

Choosing the right cloud solution for your business can be a challenge. claireLOGIC helps to reduce the technical burden to ensure your business gets the right solution in place.

We specialise in Microsoft

claireLOGIC has a fully certified cloud solutions team. As a Microsoft specialist, you can trust that our team know what we’re doing.

Microsoft 365

Ignite productivity with Microsoft 365. It’s a secure, intelligent method of organising and sharing using familiar applications.


Share and manage content, knowledge and applications to quickly find information and seamlessly collaborate across your company.

Microsoft Business Voice

We can deploy a modern cloud-based telephony solution for calls, chats and meetings all through Microsoft Teams.


Simplify your operations by consolidating and migrating to the cloud for seamless application management.

Successful Microsoft 365 and Azure migration

It’s not simply the Microsoft 365 and Azure functionality that will deliver the ROI you need, it’s how the solution is designed, implemented and managed.

Get your Microsoft 365 and Azure migration right the first time with a claireLOGIC IT Strategic Review and roadmap in place before you start.

We have an established track record of hundreds of successful and smooth Microsoft migrations, to the cloud. Our experience with upgrades and migrations ensures you get an accurate project timescale with planned downtime kept to a minimum.

Start your cloud journey in the right place

It may be hard to figure out where to get going. When it comes to incorporating the cloud and placing it into your IT strategy. You have likely considered how it will fit.

Let us help create a cloud roadmap to seamlessly integrate the cloud into your IT strategy. Whether you’re looking to migrate to a new cloud solution or platform, or whether you need help streamlining applications in the cloud, we can help.

Experienced team

Since 2011, we have been providing IT services to businesses in the Thames Valley and Greater London region.

Strategic cloud deployment

We are passionate about helping your business reach its aspirations with custom technology solutions that match your strategic goals.

Technology to inspire growth

At claireLOGIC, we are devoted to providing managed cloud solutions that will accelerate organisational development.


Let’s meet in the cloud…

Are you looking for a way to make your business more agile and innovative? The cloud offers many advantages over on-premises solutions, including faster progress, reduced IT costs and enhanced mobility. claireLOGIC’s cloud-based solutions can help your business achieve its goals.

Our approach is designed to meet the individual business needs, while also providing forward-thinking and resilient solutions.

If that sounds like what you need, then you are in the right place to tap into our extensive knowledge…

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