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claireLOGIC is a Microsoft specialist committed to delivering outstanding levels of service and technical proficiency. Our services are designed to help our clients achieve their business goals.

It’s imperative to select the correct partner for your Microsoft 365 solution. By aligning business goals with your technology solution, we can help you reach success. With us, you can achieve your goals.

We integrate this powerful combination of cloud services, applications, device management and security giving your business the tools to create and collaborate in any location or on any device.

Microsoft 365 gives your organisation the ability to link customers and staff members with one another, and to the data they require. Your team can work online or offline no matter their location, with ease. 

Don’t get frustrated about storage capacity, paperwork, and outdated reporting methods. Microsoft 365 has been designed to make workflows simpler and make data easy to share securely. 

Reimagine your work with Microsoft 365

Maximise your team’s efficiency, reach your objectives, and manage IT resources more easily with a single solution tailored to your company. Unlock the full power of your business with Microsoft 365, the premier provider of cloud-based productivity.

Discover the advantages of a combined cloud platform that offers cutting-edge productivity tools such as Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, coupled with state-of-the-art cloud services and unbeatable security. Microsoft 365 offers innovative Office apps, intelligent cloud services, and world-class security that can help you do more.

What’s included with Microsoft 365? 

Microsoft Office 365 includes apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. These programs provide a vast range of features to help individuals and businesses manage their work. From the creation of documents with Word to financial tracking in Excel to the crafting of presentations in PowerPoint – users can complete many tasks with just a few clicks thanks to this powerful software.

Email and calendaring

Microsoft 365 provides Outlook as its email and calendaring system, helping users stay organised and connected from any location. This highly useful tool allows access to emails, calendars, and contacts anytime, without having to worry about any technical difficulties.

Cyber security and threat protection

The safety of your data is important to Microsoft 365. Consequently, cyber security and threat protection from malicious activity has been built into the suite. So, you can rest assured that your sensitive data is secure from potential attackers. 

Document protection controls

Microsoft 365 offers extensive controls to help you protect documents. These include encryption and permission restrictions, as well as additional security measures that help ensure the safety of your data. 

Admin and deployment 

Microsoft 365 puts administrators in control by providing the tools for deploying and managing their systems. With a wide range of features, admins can seamlessly roll out, sustain and improve their network. The process is accelerated, allowing IT professionals the flexibility to focus on long-term objectives.

File storage

Microsoft 365 offers a great way to store your files. This cloud-based service allows you to save your data and access it from anywhere there is an internet connection. With Microsoft, you can easily store and manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. 

Device and user management

No matter what size your business is, there are tools available to help you secure access to applications and data on all of your devices. Microsoft 365 offers the control necessary to manage user accounts and devices, allowing you to keep your IT environment organised.

Microsoft 365 migration and management

A successful migration to Microsoft 365 and its effective management is essential for businesses. It provides numerous benefits, such as improved security and collaboration, which helps increase productivity. 

Microsoft 365 can bring the desired return on investment, not solely because of its features it’s how the solution is designed, implemented and managed. The software as a service product is constantly updated with the latest security patches and features.

Get your Microsoft 365 and Azure migration right the first time with a claireLOGIC IT strategic review and a comprehensive roadmap in place before you start.

We boast a long history of successful Microsoft migration projects, both to and from the cloud. With our extensive experience in this area, we can make certain your project timeline is precise, keeping any downtime to an absolute minimum.


Looking for a comprehensive Microsoft 365 solution?

 We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, and we can help you achieve your business goals. Our services are designed to help our clients achieve their business goals. We are committed to delivering outstanding levels of service and technical proficiency.

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