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Organisations that need to comply with MiFID regulations or wish to archive conversations for corporation or enterprise purposes can benefit from the claireLOGIC WhatsApp Instant Message Archiving solution.

Archiving regulations, WhatsApp and compliance

Instant message archiving is a solution to the challenge of growing chat communication which is quick and convenient – more so than email. WhatsApp is a common communication trend that must be considered.

New business trends like BYOD and CYOD have additionally complicated the mobile-for-business landscape. Instant messaging is now subject to the same discovery standards as email. If your team use WhatsApp internally, or to communicate with prospects and customers, it’s often in your organisation’s best interests and for compliance requirements to retain the WhatsApp content used.

Compliant archiving of WhatsApp calls, text, multimedia

This solution offers capture and archiving of WhatsApp calls, text, multimedia and files on corporate-issued and employee BYOD phones.

WhatsApp Instant Message Archiving solution for business

claireLOGIC offers a solution to WhatsApp chat archiving for those organisations in regulated industries or for compliance, enterprise and corporate environments:

Enterprise level solution

WhatsApp is a popular communication tool for many businesses. It is simple to use and offers a variety of features, making it a great choice for companies of all sizes. One of the key benefits of WhatsApp is that all communication is uploaded to the company enterprise archive. This means that all messages and calls are stored with all content, employee email and other message metadata.

This makes it easy for businesses to search, find and retrieve WhatsApp calls, messages and deletions in the corporate archive. WhatsApp also uses a standard WhatsApp interface and encryption, ensuring that all communications are secure.

Intuitive deployment

You can use the native WhatsApp interface and encrypted communication with other users across all its platforms including Mobile App, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. This software captures and records WhatsApp calls, conversations and messages (including text, multimedia and files) as well as deletions.

It also allows a complete separation between business and personal use on devices used for both purposes (BYOD). Finally, this software archives WhatsApp communication for both iOS and Android devices.

MiFID II WhatsApp  

  • Do your employees use WhatsApp for work-related communication?
  • Do you have Corporate and BYOD devices?
  • Do you want to utilise the WhatsApp encrypted communication and be MiFID II compliant?
  • Are you Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated?

Messaging benefits

  • Archive all WhatsApp communications
  • Use WhatsApp to communicate with customers, employees and stakeholders
  • Search, track and retrieve WhatsApp messages in the corporate archive
  • Deposit WhatsApp messages with any email archiving vendor
  • Full administration and reporting

MiFID II compliant WhatsApp archiver
Created for FCA-regulated businesses

MiFID II is a European directive which requires the recording of any electronic communications including “email, SMS, business to business devices, chat, instant messaging and mobile device applications.”

The FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) has sent a strong message to companies in the UK financial industry that it intends to closely oversee WhatsApp usage for business purposes. In 2019, it held a first-of-its-kind court hearing involving a former employee of VTB Capital in London, who was charged with allegedly obstructing the FCA investigation by deleting relevant WhatsApp messages.

Regulations such as MiFID II mandate that organisations, especially those in regulated industries, need to be able to produce and retain business records exchanged via chat applications such as WhatsApp.


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WhatsApp conversations can now be easily archived with WhatsApp Achiever. This is a great solution for businesses that need to comply with MiFID regulations or wish to archive conversations for corporation or enterprise purposes. The claireLOGIC WhatsApp Instant Message Archiving Solution makes it easy to archive WhatsApp conversations.

Our approach is designed to meet the individual business needs, while also providing forward-thinking and resilient solutions.

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