Business Continuity

Backup will not protect you from downtime. Business Continuity gives your business the necessary protection for your files and applications, whether they reside on local servers, end-user devices, or in cloud applications. 

In this dynamic and highly competitive market, businesses must have continuity of service; backup solutions alone are insufficient to guarantee protection from potential dangers.

At claireLOGIC, we comprehend the consequences of even a short period of unavailability; from its effect on your operations, reputation or profitability. Our team can construct a plan tailored to you; one that will protect you against disaster, interruption and downtime. 

To keep your business running, time and time again, it’s essential to have a plan in place. In this quickly evolving and highly competitive landscape, it is essential not to put up with downtime.

Business Continuity is not just about backup – it’s about replicating IT systems both on-site and in the cloud. Your files, applications and other data will be securely held, no matter where they are stored or what device they reside on.

Avoid costly and crippling downtime

Fast Recovery

Eliminate the financial and emotional stress of business downtime by recovering operations quickly, either on-site or in the cloud.

Image Level Backups

Image-level backups deliver an efficient method of data protection. This approach can enable the system to be up and running again in a short space of time. 

Application Continuity

Ensuring that all your applications stay in the same condition after a disaster is key. Recovery should not mean that any of your programs are changed or compromised in any way.

Network Protection

We make sure every aspect of your network is properly safeguarded by our solution so that you can have reliable uptime.

Resilient to business disruption

Our Business Continuity solution can protect and make accessible all types of systems, whether your systems are hybrid, virtual or physical. Our Business Continuity solution ensures you’re fully protected.

Make sure your data and applications are safeguarded, regardless of their location. Keep your system online with intelligent strategies to make sure crucial information is secure both on local servers and on user devices.

This solution will assure that your crucial processes are not threatened and that your data is always available. With business continuity you will gain access to insightful reports; be certain of the safety of your failover system.

It also replicates components of your business structure both on-premises and in the cloud, with rapid recovery times due to minimal disturbance, decreasing expensive downtime and potential reputational damage.

The benefits of robust DRBC

Stay operational by ensuring your systems and data are always online with Business Continuity.

System oversight

Transparent insights and reporting, be confident in your failover system

Backup and spinup

Ready-to-use replicas of your business infrastructure on premise and in the cloud

Reduced downtime

Rapid restoration times with minimal disruption to your business


Talk to us about Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Companies incur costly losses when facing downtime. Our Business Continuity Services can secure your applications and files from any type of interruption, such as electrical outages, connectivity issues or natural disasters. Allow yourself to be at ease knowing that your company is guarded against potential disruptions.

Our approach is designed to meet the individual business needs, while also providing forward-thinking and resilient solutions.

If that sounds like what you need, then you are in the right place to tap into our extensive knowledge…

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