IT Support for SMEs: Success Story—How claireLOGIC transformed IT Support Services for Quadriga

Health and safety consultancy Quadriga finds an IT support partner that finally meets promises

When Reading-based health and safety consultancy Quadriga set out to find a new IT service provider, it was a lengthy and stressful journey. Good IT support for SMEs can be hard to find and they knew they needed strong support.

They had grown fast in a short time, expanding from 20 to over 35 staff, and simply outgrown their previous IT support provider.

Unfortunately, they faced disappointment not once, but twice, as initial attempts to upgrade their IT support services just didn’t meet their needs.

They tried two IT providers who could not deliver the reliable support they needed. Consultants out on customer site were experiencing huge problems accessing IT systems. It was not just frustrating, but costing them precious billable time.

Things finally changed when they partnered with claireLOGIC – and now, they have an IT support partner can help them keep the business running.

Jackie Hood, 

Associate Director – Business and Operational Support at Quadriga, kindly agreed to share her thoughts about the change in a new case study.

Quadriga Case Study - IT Support Services for SMEs

Rapid Issue Resolution

Jackie recalls the immediate impact, saying: “claireLOGIC have been amazing. They came in and seemed to solve most of the IT issues quickly. It’s been a really good experience.”

The claireLOGIC team undertook several urgent fixes, to help overcome some legacy issues from pandemic IT decisions. They helped ensure that Quadriga’s consultants could work without interruptions, maintaining productivity and revenue generation.

Seamless IT Support Services for SMEs

Providing seamless IT support services for SMEs is essential if it is to deliver real value. In Jackie highlights the seamless support they have experienced since deciding to work with claireLOGIC: “I don’t even know that they have a problem, because it’s been resolved even before I am made aware of it – that’s great.”

This proactive approach to IT support not only got the team back on board and feeling positive about IT again.

Forward-Thinking IT Strategy

claireLOGIC also conducted an in depth IT Strategic Review to understand Quadriga’s needs and priorities.

They always interview and involve team members directly. This helps understand the true problems and priorities for users.

In Quadriga’s case, this could have been a challenge, since the team had a very low opinion of IT support and services providers at the point claireLOGIC took over.

Jackie admitted that she was a little nervous. “Earlier on, they might have got both barrels about negative IT experiences. As it was, the team has already seen improvements, and were actually feeling quite positive about the change.”

Proactive System Improvements

Stabilising Quadriga’s IT environment required some system improvements, and claireLOGIC recommended a complete migration to the cloud. They are replacing a previous hybrid model implemented during COVID which had caused particular issues.

Jackie noted, “claireLOGIC quickly moved our email to the cloud, because the previous system was causing enormous issues with syncing.”

Forward-thinking recommendations and a true strategic IT support partnership have provided Quadriga with a clear Technology Roadmap for the future.

Reliable and Transparent IT Support Services for SMEs

The reliability and transparency of claireLOGIC’s IT Support for SMEs service was a game-changer.

Jackie said, “claireLOGIC are customer focused and really friendly. They are also honest – telling you things clearly even if it’s not good news. They really know their stuff, and they don’t exaggerate or make promises they can’t keep.”

Learn more about how claireLOGIC helped Quadriga get comfortable with their IT support services again by reading the full case study.