End-to-end cyber security

Lock-and-key solutions to keep you and your team safe

There are many different options for security software and hardware, however, none on their own offer a complete solution for businesses trading in today’s cyber environment.

We advise a layered approach to cyber security from a portfolio of award-winning providers. Some security measures will be needed as standard by all businesses, whereas others can be implemented if, or when, they are required.

360° cyber security solutions

Firewalls Firewalls

A firewall will control the flow of data traffic both in and out of your network, acting as a digital gatekeeper. At their most sophisticated they can stop unknown malicious attacks by identifying suspicious files, and opening them in a real environment, external to your network, to see if they really are genuine or not. You can even specify and block particular data being emailed out, for example, clients bank details.

Server security Server security

Server security needs to offer protection against shared-file and host system infection. As a second line of defence it needs to have file security, mail security and block any suspicious web traffic at the perimeter. Secure backups of data are required for compliance. We offer services that can replicate your server completely, both on-premises and in the Cloud, giving you near seamless working if your server failed for any reason.

Email security Email security

Email is the most likely way criminals will attack you to gain access to your network. We can supply sophisticated antivirus and anti-spam solutions that closely monitor incoming emails for suspicious looking content. We can also offer email journaling, backing-up copies of all email traffic, including emails that have been deleted. This is great for compliance.

End point protection End-point protection

The endpoint (or PC security) we offer incorporates high-end security with a very light footprint. This allows optimal computer performance, often extending the useable life of hardware whilst offering the best in antivirus protection. Encryption for laptops is a must, to ensure your data and business is secure, should it be lost or stolen.

Periphery management Periphery management

Device control means you have a granular control of any devices plugged into USB ports, and you can stop your data being downloaded by individual user profiles, or allow USBs to be used up to a certain size. Talk to us about your business challenges and we can suggest the best set up for you.

Multi-layer protection Multi-layer protection

Two factor or multi factor authentication is simply a method of confirming a user’s claimed identity. Access to a computer or application is only granted after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence. This should not be seen as a barrier but a vital security measure, and in reality can be as simple as a tick on a smart phone adding that extra layer of security. Not only does it prove human interaction, it also gives managers the option to quickly revoke access if needed.

How claireLOGIC supported Oakey
Automotive Services to fight-off the hackers…

Oakey’s are a car and van repair garage based in Oxfordshire. They were established in the early 80’s and now deliver specialist diesel vehicle repairs, servicing and MOT testing – the business has also recently expanded their range of offerings to include Motorhomes and caravan repairs and habitation 

Unfortunately, the business fell-foul of a social  engineering scam, where a criminal called a  team member pretending to be from Microsoft.

The caller unfortunately duped a member of the team into giving them access to the system by asking them to run specific fake tests on their PC to check security status. 

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