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claireLOGIC are proud pioneers of Managed IT Services in The Thames Valley and London. We deliver managed IT support for a wide-range of Thames Valley and London clients – with clients spread across UK and globally.

Award winning strategic support

Quite simply, we know that the difference between doing a good job and doing an outstanding job lies in the people who deliver our services – and we are proud to say they are the best in the field.

Our approach is simply different
and it simply works...

Listening We listen we learn

We listen. Our clients come to us for many reasons, so we make sure we listen closely in order to tailor the best solution for them. Whatever the problem or query, staff efficiency being affected by IT downtime, data security or keeping up with legislation we’ll make sure you get a solution that’s right for you.

Evaluating Strategic IT review

Part of being able to deliver the right solution for you is understanding the business functions which are crucial to your smooth operation. This, coupled with how you see the business and staff numbers evolving over the coming years, gives us the insight into where we need to focus our resources.

Crafting Crafting a solution

Once we understand the immediate and future needs of the business we will craft a completely bespoke solution, based entirely on your requirements. We then deliver exactly what we say we will. We will always be responsive, flexible and proactive – identifying potential problems and planning for them.

Our customer feedback rating over the last 30-days.

Our solutions

Managed services Managed IT Service

Managed Services mean that our help desk support is only a call away. We monitor your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, being proactive in all aspects of your IT. This can include implementation of disaster recovery and business continuity, infrastructure support, full-layered security and of course data backup.

Cyber security Cyber security

We protect your company and data by offering a layered approach to security. This includes the latest industry leading standards in firewalls and anti-virus, and also a range of data back up and recovery services to suit every size of business.

Communications Communications

We provide and support a wide variety of networking and Internet options for businesses, which, together with our telephony hardware and IP based packages, can offer a wealth of improved features and a good return on your investment.

Five Tools to Maximise Your Office 365 Investment and Productivity

There is more to Microsoft Office 365 than Word and Excel, which is not surprising. Microsoft has enjoyed 27% year-on-year growth with now nearly 200 million commercial Office 365 users worldwide. Microsoft have therefore heavily invested in Office 365 to improve its features and functionality.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, claireLOGIC have identified 5 of those more recent features which we believe can help your organisation get the most out of your Office 365 subscription. Allowing you to increase productivity with improved automation and team collaboration.

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Most businesses see their IT systems evolve over time – with new equipment and software being bolted-on to existing infrastructure as the business grows – and this organic IT growth can throw up challenges… Does this sound like you?

At claireLOGIC we have helped many companies plan their IT with a strategic review. More than just a cursory evaluation – a strategic review is a comprehensive, technical system exploration, which highlights strengths and weaknesses as well as potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with your different systems.