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IT for schools experts at claireLOGIC deliver unparalleled IT support, managed services and 24/7 cyber security for schools

IT for schools

Your school depends on its technology more every day.

You need it to educate, communicate and collaborate – not to mention manage the business of education. All that, and you face school cyber security challenges and threats that rise every year. You need the best possible partner.

claireLOGIC provides school business leaders like you the IT support, strategic planning and security services that you need.

We work with schools in the South East to review strategic IT requirements and planning, find better ways to manage and protect school networks and their users, provide IT support services for faculty, admin and students.

All so you can educate, manage and learn without disruption, downtime or danger.

Tackling school cybersecurity challenges

A terrifying 78% of schools experienced at least one type of cyber-incident in the past twelve months, according to the latest government survey.

At the start of the 2023/24 academic year, the National Cyber Security Centre warned of a time of change for schools.

They are now experiencing attacks more typically associated with businesses, because their defences tend to be less robust than commercial organisations.

Why is this happening? Schools hold quantities of what can be highly sensitive personal data, so they are becoming an attractive target for hackers.

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Cyber Security Tips for Schools

6 of the Best Cyber Security Tips for schools

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Typical IT security challenges in schools

  • Ransomware attacks – in 2022, confidential SEN, student passport scans, staff pay and contract information were leaked from 14 schools after those impacted refused to pay up.
  • Phishing emails sent to staff and students that seem to come from legitimate people or organisations, but instead contain malicious links that can unleash a virus or cause someone to release sensitive data by accident.
  • Malware, however introduced into a school network, can be very bad news. It is software deliberately designed to compromise systems, and can cause network failures, system and software lockouts, leak or delete blocks of data, and more.
  • “Shadow” IT – One way that malware reaches a school system is via vulnerabilities created by unauthorised use of personal devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, which are not protected in the same way as school-managed devices.
  • Human error can be inadvertent additional cause of cyber security issues and the introduction of malware. Triggers range from copying data onto unprotected home PCs or USB sticks, poor personal password hygiene, and more.

Keeping cybersecurity measures constantly under management and with 24/7 monitoring is important.

Fostering understanding and safe behaviours by all system users is just as vital.

claireLOGIC’s support has been truly invaluable to us. It will be a great aid to the childrens learning across the whole of the curriculum.

Headteacher, Primary School Oxfordshire

claireLOGIC’s expertise has improved network stability, reduced downtime and supported our students’ learning experience, whilst ensuring imperative security and safeguarding throughout.

Headteacher, Preparatory School Oxfordshire

claireLOGIC are patient, understanding and knowledgeable. From my point of view, it’s like a comfort blanket. Having claireLOGIC on my side means peace of mind.

Office Manager – Youth Charity, Oxfordshire

IT insights for schools

IT Strategic Review – tailored for Schools

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