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Discover unified communications with Microsoft 365 Business Voice. Keep your business secure and running smoothly with Microsoft’s enterprise-grade phone system.

Enterprise level VOIP solutions

Unlock the potential of Microsoft 365 Business Voice and enjoy the benefits of unified communications. This solution combines phone, internet and business applications for an integrated experience that can help you streamline communication processes.

Cloud-powered AI features, such as voicemail transcription, inline chat translation, and real-time captioning in meetings will be accessible. On top of that, you gain the benefit of built-in redundancy and load balancing with a 99.9% uptime guarantee for maximum reliability.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a communication solution that allows businesses to make and receive phone calls over the internet. It provides enterprise-grade quality audio with toll-free calling, automatic call routing, voicemail capabilities and much more.

Stay connected with a single phone number across your computer, mobile device, and desk phone. Get a consistent experience across devices with the Microsoft Teams app and Teams devices. Easily make calls and join meetings with a single click.

We’re Microsoft specialists

claireLOGIC has a fully certified cloud solutions team. As a Microsoft specialist, you can trust that our team know what we’re doing.

Assessing your existing system

Before migrating, we will assess your existing VOIP system to determine what needs to be migrated and what needs to be updated or replaced.

Migration planning

Once we have assessed your existing VOIP system, we will create a robust plan for the migration. Including contingencies to mitigate risk.

Migration and deployment

We will set-up and configuring the Microsoft 365 Business Voice system – and port your existing phone numbers to Microsoft 365 Business Voice.

Take your business further with
Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern, cloud-based system that combines calling, chat and meetings into one application: Microsoft Teams.

Ensure your Microsoft 365 Business Voice migration is a success with a claireLOGIC IT Strategic Review and roadmap in place. Relying on their expertise, you can rest easy that the process will run smoothly from start to finish.

Reimagine your work with
Microsoft 365 and Business Voice

Visualise fresh possibilities with Microsoft 365 and Business Voice. Look into new ways to accomplish your tasks and communicate with clients, colleagues, and business partners. Explore how these technologies can revolutionise how you work.

Let us help create a cloud roadmap to seamlessly integrate cloud into your IT strategy. Whether you’re looking to migrate to a new cloud solution or platform, or whether you need help streamlining applications in the cloud, we can help.

Integrated Communication

Microsoft Business Voice provides an all-in-one communication solution that integrates with Microsoft Teams, providing users with access to instant messaging, video conferencing, and phone calls all within the same platform.


It provides businesses with enterprise-grade phone system features without the need for expensive on-premises hardware or software. As a cloud-based solution, businesses can also save money on maintenance and upgrades.

Flexible and Scalable

It supports a range of features such as call routing, voicemail, and call queuing, which can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of each user or department. Additionally, businesses can easily scale the solution as their needs change, adding or removing users as needed.


Let’s talk cloud telephony

Have you been looking for a phone system for your business? Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a cloud-based phone system that is designed for small to medium businesses. With Microsoft 365 Business Voice, you can keep your business running smoothly with enterprise-grade features and security.

Our approach is designed to meet the individual business needs, while also providing forward-thinking and resilient solutions.

If that sounds like what you need, then you are in the right place to tap into our extensive knowledge…

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