Within the shape-shifting world of cybersecurity, threats are continually evolving making them challenging and costly to fight



Over 30% of UK companies reported a cybersecurity incident in 2020. This compares with just 2% of UK companies reporting a fire or theft incident. [Source: Hiscox Insurance]

Yet organisations seem more prepared for fire and theft. This is due to the lack of understanding around what security needs to be in place to protect against cyber threats.

It is important for all organisations to take cybersecurity seriously. Investing beyond traditional perimeter defences onto advanced multi-layer security measures is crucial.

claireLOGIC implements best practice solutions to keep your organisation safe and secure from external threats.


Cyber-protect your business

claireLOGIC blend technology and expertise to deliver intelligent detection, response and resilience to your business.

Our goal is to identify and resolve issues before you even know they exist. Multi-layered cybersecurity defences ensure that you have robust security to protect your organisation, information and people.




Know your business has the resilience to succeed


Our managed IT service includes essential cybersecurity to protect your business against threats.

An award-winning service desk

No matter what the issue is, our team will be on hand 24/7 to act fast against cyber threats. 



Multi-factor authentication 

Stay in control of your network, devices and applications. Ward off hackers with robust security solutions. 


Cybersecurity training & development

The best way to protect your business is to equip and train every end-user. Human error is the primary cause of successful cyber-attacks and data breaches.



Scheduled monthly reporting 

Stay up to date with assessments to highlight any areas where your defences need to be strengthened.


Multi-layered email security

Protect your data and devices with comprehensive email security that blocks malicious content. 



Store your sensitive data confidently 

Trust that your most sensitive data is handled correctly and stored behind the impenetrable walls of a robust cybersecurity solution.


Threat & vulnerability screening 

Don’t let caught blind spots catch you out. claireLOGIC will proactively seek out potential threats and will highlight any vulnerabilities you might have.



Future-proof protection  

Operate and thrive now and in the future with protection against constantly evolving cyber threats. 


Experienced and Certified

We have been providing IT services to businesses across the UK for over 20 years. We are passionate about what we do and believe your business can reach its aspirations by providing bespoke technology solutions that align to your strategic goals.

claireLOGIC is focused on delivering services to growing organisations. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, working with companies based across the Thames Valley and London.




Cyber threats up 30% since COVID

Take the next step. Don’t leave your IT security defences to chance.

Our team of accredited engineers together with a wealth of experience ensure we are perfectly placed to provide you with the cybersecurity support and defences that your business needs.