What does it feel like to work for claireLOGIC?

Have you ever wanted to know what does it feel like to work for claireLOGIC? We sat down with one of our newest technical engineers – Alasdair Hewitt – to discuss just what it feels like to be one of the IT crowd, here at claireLOGIC. Fun? Challenging? Impactful? You betcha!

Tell me, how your first few months have been?

Fun! I have mainly been mostly supporting a global foreign exchange company who have varied requirements. This brings the challenge and excitement of learning new systems and software that I haven’t worked on before – it’s really broadened my horizons.

What has been the biggest challenge since joining claireLOGIC?

There is a huge learning curve here at claireLOGIC. I have had to adapt quickly to learn and understand the various clients. This has been a challenge, but really fulfilling – and I can see a huge difference from when I started to where I am now.

How do you think you have grown; since coming onboard?

I have learnt so much since starting at here. I am confident in many new systems that I would have never known or used if it wasn’t for claireLOGIC. The huge exposure to the various technology has allowed me to gain real industry experience that very few companies could have offered me.

Where do you see the IT and technology industry going in the next few years?

Automation will mean the faster delivery of routine functions such as delivering patch updates. As a result, MSPs will soon need to reorient their portfolios around a higher value of service. This will also mean that time can be saved for more problematic issues which can be emphasised to new clients. I believe with the development and adoption of smartphones and computers with faster CPUs and storage – will result in organisations moving away from Cloud bases services and moving towards a more decentralized service.

What’s been the most enjoyable part of your new role?

The team! Since joining 5 months ago I have been continually supported by the other engineers and staff. If I have ever felt stuck, or stretched, I have always been offered help to resolve any issue. This is especially useful as I have had a lot to take in, in my role. There is a fun social aspect to claireLOGIC too, there is always a social being planned that is never too far away.

What surprised you about claireLOGIC?

No two days are the same – one day you are working on a project to update 100 PCs and on another, you will be working on desk moves and graphics card drivers. For someone who likes variation, the work I am required to complete has been a pleasant surprise.

Do you have what it takes?

What does it feel like to work for claireLOGIC?