Transform Business Process with Microsoft SharePoint

How to transform business process with SharePoint: Cloud-based document management solutions can transform business processes. With Microsoft SharePoint, it is easy to access documents, schedules, and project plans. Additionally, it provides tools for communicating with team members. SharePoint provides all of these features and more, particularly when combined with Office 365.

Microsoft’s SharePoint enables users to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork. Users can find information quickly and collaborate seamlessly across the organization.

Ease of use:

Users primarily interact with SharePoint through a web browser, where they can access all the different elements within SharePoint.

SharePoint enables teamwork with dynamic and productive team sites for each department or project within a business. Teams can share files, data, news, and resources and customize their site to represent the look and feel of their business. By organising data the way they want teams can streamline their work and securely collaborate inside and outside their business using PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

A document hub:

This functionality allows businesses to organize documents and files in a structured format and manage version control. SharePoint is ideal for businesses that want a more structured workflow.

One of the most powerful features of a document library is content management with version control. While working on a document that is in a document library, other users can edit it simultaneously (referred to as co-authoring). If desired, users can check out a file to ensure they are the only ones who can edit and work with the file until it is checked back in. Users can also track versions of files, so they can revert back to a previous version after it has been edited.

The business benefits of SharePoint:

Microsoft’s SharePoint is an ideal tool for building an internal company intranet. Businesses can improve organisational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on home sites and portals. Users can build sites easily and design them how they need them to look to get the information across to their teams. This level of personalisation is combined with the ability to securely integrate access to company files.

All of the 365 tools can be used in combination with Power Flow, which can automate tasks for users and their teams to improve their processes. Users can configure alerts and approvals, model complex and implement multistage processes. These can create rich digital experiences with forms, workflows, and custom apps for every device.

The central hub of an Office 365 set-up is SharePoint, which links projects, documents, and schedules easily. Used in partnership with Microsoft Teams, it ensures that users’ structured document solution, together with any processes, is accessible to use and share while collaborating with other team members.

Transform your business with SharePoint:

Simplify business content with this essential productivity tool. All users need is an Office 365 subscription, with popular plans including SharePoint at no additional cost. Contact clareLOGIC for help and advice on which version users will need and how to get set up to start using SharePoint.

Once you are running in Office 365, don’t forget that an independent backup solution is required. Get a price for a backup solution using our pricing calculator.

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