SharePoint is a powerful tool that can help teams work together more efficiently. It offers a variety of features that make collaboration easier, such as the ability to share documents and track changes.

Powerful tools to enable collaborative working

SharePoint facilitates the basics of remote team collaboration, allowing you to stay on top of tasks, share files and documents.

It ensures everyone is connected, saving both time and money. With SharePoint, teams can easily work together across all types of devices.

Your team can work online or offline no matter where they are located, with ease and efficiency with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 gives your organisation the ability to link customers and staff members with one another, and to the data they require.

Our cloud and managed services offerings leverage Microsoft’s tools and technologies to provide knowledge, inventiveness, and skill.

claireLOGIC is a Microsoft specialist offering support for migration, deployment and management of your Microsoft 365 applications.

Reimagine your work with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint 

Maximise your team’s efficiency, reach your objectives, and manage IT resources more easily with a single solution tailored to your company.

Unlock the full power of your business with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, the premier provider of cloud-based productivity.  

Document management

SharePoint provides a centralised location for managing documents, allowing users to upload, create, edit, and share documents with other team members. It includes version control, metadata management, and search capabilities, making it easy to find and track document changes.


SharePoint enables collaboration between team members, allowing them to work together on documents and projects in real-time. Users can create team sites, discussion boards, and wikis, and can share information and communicate with each other from within the SharePoint platform.


SharePoint is highly customisable, allowing organisations to create custom workflows, site templates, and web parts that meet their specific needs. It also supports a range of third-party add-ons and integrations, making it possible to extend its functionality even further.

Workflow automation

SharePoint includes tools for automating business processes such as document approval, issue tracking, and project management. It allows users to create custom workflows that can be triggered by specific events and can help streamline routine tasks.

Accelerate business collaboration

Gain productivity by transforming simple processes like notifications and approvals into complex operational workflows. With SharePoint lists and libraries, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps, you can easily create engaging digital experiences with forms, custom apps, and integrated workflows for every device.

Start your cloud journey in the right place

Properly deploying and administering Microsoft SharePoint requires expertise and dedication. With the right methods and strategies, it can be executed effectively. Skilled professionals are essential for ensuring a successful setup and ongoing maintenance of this system. 

With claireLOGIC, we make sure that Microsoft 365 and SharePoint migration is successful from the start. Having an IT strategic review and roadmap in place prior to beginning will help you to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Our team has extensive experience migrating to and from the cloud, with successful Microsoft migrations under our belt. We ensure your project timescale is accurate, while keeping planned downtime to a minimum. 

Experienced team

We have been providing IT services to businesses across the Thames Valley and Greater London since 2011.

Strategic cloud deployment

We are passionate about what we do and believe your business can reach its aspirations by providing bespoke technology solutions that align to your strategic goals.

Technology to inspire growth

claireLOGIC is focused on delivering managed cloud solutions which enable organisational growth.


Let’s meet in the cloud…

Companies that are looking for a way to improve collaboration and work more efficiently. SharePoint offers a variety of features that make it an ideal tool for businesses of all sizes. We want to help you get the most out of SharePoint so you can improve collaboration within your team.

Our approach is designed to meet the individual business needs, while also providing forward-thinking and resilient solutions.

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