Microsoft Office 365 could be the answer

They say that the six most dangerous words in business are “we’ve always done it that way”. I know I know, it’s a cliché, but resistance is futile. Ok, cliché’s over, but switching your email over to Office 365 could be the smartest thing you do this year.

Whether you’re a Mac or a PC user, Microsoft’s 365 platform works seamlessly with your OS and offers you more than just email. To tell you that Office 365 is a joined-up experience isn’t stretching the truth. It’s available on your desktop or laptop, tablet and phone, and offers cloud-based sharing that means the transfer of files is not only simple but also secure.

Don’t worry, be appy!

The usual apps like Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams are part of the Premium package that can’t help but make your life easier. But you can also get additional professional apps too such as Visio, Project and Dynamics as a subscription.Don’t resist change, change is good

We understand the reluctance to change something that in your eyes works fine, or ‘does the job’. Your car is fine, but if you treated yourself to an upgrade you’d still get to work in the morning, or to the school drop off, only it might be smoother, have a better NCAP safety rating, a DAB radio and heated seats. Essentially the result is the same, but the experience is safer and more enjoyable.

Office 365 gives you an altogether easier and more enjoyable experience, and we’re here to help. You might not need every element, so just like all of the services we provide, we’ll help you tailor a package that suits your needs – and do the hard work for you.

Want to know more?

Embrace change, and see what Office 365 can offer above what you currently use, you might be surprised just how much it can help your day-to-day.

For a chat and a demo about what Office 365 can do for your business, give us a call, and then decide if it’s something you want to consider. We can migrate your servers in-house or remotely and provide round-the-clock support so you’ll always be able to reach us, and whatever your query, we can help.

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