claireLOGIC supports Oxfordshire’s restoration supplier ‘Relics of Witney’

By karolina |

Helping to future-proof the past…

RELICS was established in 1987 as a retail outlet initially selling antique and reclaimed items – as well as decorative and furnishing items. The proprietors developed the business to be at the forefront of restoration, finishing and decorative paint supplies to end-users and the trade.


This specialist business combines several core areas of retail – decorative paint supplies, restoration and finishing materials, Ironmongery and door furniture. Each side benefitting from Relics’ commitment to quality of service, quality of products and many years of industry-related experience.

Challenges and Solutions

Storage and back-up

The organisation had struggled to achieve a central document storage system and data backup facility for their important business data and transactions. Prior to claireLOGIC’s assistance, files had been stored locally on staff computers and shared on a file-by-file basis. Without a central server, if Relics suffered a computer issue, then all files stored on that device would become unavailable or lost.

In addition, data backup was happening sporadically – files were being backed up by various old technologies including writeable CDs – a very cumbersome and labour-intensive approach. claireLOGIC deployed a Datto device – regular backups are now automated, with business continuity and disaster recovery features now in place.

Secure wireless access

The organisation also had a need for a new wireless system. The requirement was for something fast and secure.

As a retail operation, visitors to Relics were regularly asking for wi-fi access so that they could show the team images and content from the internet. The existing wireless network was open and allowed visitors to access all internal systems – not secure!

claireLOGIC installed a business-grade WatchGuard system which provides segregated access for staff and visitors. The updated wireless network consists of managed wireless access points that can handle devices moving around the large warehouse space without losing connectivity – the secure wireless infrastructure that customers expect as well as protecting the internal infrastructure was a welcome and essential feature for Relics.

Hassle-free telephony

As a consumer facing business, it was essential for Relics to have a robust telephony system. At the time that claireLOGIC stepped in to support them, they had suffered from many telephony issues and failures – as well as efficiency problems between the retail space and warehouse.

This problem was solved by the installation of the 3CX telephone system. This feature-rich system allows for centrally managed contacts and blocked caller lists, unified communications, including web conferencing, video calling and even chat – and as a nice added extra, the company’s phone charges were slashed.

Solution highlights

  • Server Installation
  • Document Management
  • Backup Solutions
  • Continuity and Recovery Solution
  • Secure Wireless Network
  • Secure Guest Wi-Fi Access
  • VOIP Telephony Installation
  • Reduced Phone Charges
  • Increased Cyber security

“Our sales through service approach means we need to focus one-hundred percent of our time on supporting our clients – and not managing our IT rig – claireLOGIC allows us this luxury.

From basic file storage through to our phones, things have got a whole lot better for us – and more importantly, for our customers too. Things just work now and communications, information and processes flow smoothly throughout the business.

We‘ve already seen significant improvements in our operations since partnering with claireLOGIC – and it’s really comforting to know that we’re being protected 24/7 by the very latest security and disaster recovery technology”

Steve Hall, Managing Director of Relics of Witney