claireLOGIC is in team-buliding mode

New team

claireLOGIC is in team-building mode, we’ve recently taken on two new team members. We’re also continuing to look for more good people. If you’ve ever worked in management or owned your own business, you’ll know that finding the right person is not easy! You have a “shopping list” of what you’re looking for – someone that will share your vision and values, a good work ethic, a getting-things-done-done approach and so on. That’s one of the reasons we’ve recently published our values online so that potential recruits can look over them to see if they’ll fit in.

Over the years we’ve developed our recruitment process too. At the beginning, we hired fast for skill and expertise. Now we prefer to take longer, hiring for approach and attitude. Of course, we have to hire for skills too – but these are easier to acquire than changing approach or demeanour. Our recruitment process now involves phone interviews and several face-to-face interviews which include psychometric profiling and aptitude tests. We look for people who buy in, who want to offer a good service and who build relationships with our clients. This is good for claireLOGIC because it means we hold on to team members for longer, but equally great for our clients as they experience more continuity with their IT and Communications partner.

claireLOGIC is in team-building mode within the existing team

Not only have we recently taken on new team members, but we are passionate about keeping the whole team motivated and happy. We’re doing this through various means – including social dates, being a more open business, closer working and sharing our vision and values.

We’ve also made physical changes too. For example, we realised that after we’d moved offices from Culham to Abingdon things had become quite segmented between the team. Different people in different offices doesn’t promote teamwork and can actually introduce an “us and them” culture. We resolved this by taking down all the office walls! We now have one big office space. Of course, we still having meeting rooms for confidential stuff. But having an open office area is helping people be more connected. We’re now much better at knowing what we’re all working on and we generally talk more too – which is good!