5 Steps to Create a Security Ecosystem

Why your business needs a security ecosystem?

A security ecosystem is a group of technologies that work together on a platform to provide an outcome that utilises all the technology components effectively. We will be discussing the 5 steps to create a security ecosystem.

Having an integrated and reactive system in place that works with different components to detect, react to and contain any security incidents and works to recover your network on a single security platform – with integrated ecosystems, will help your business in the following ways:

  • Optimise cyber spend
  • Increase efficacy
  • Maximise current investments – by gaining more accuracy when it comes to data and insights across your whole IT network
  • Strengthens a better response to security threats

Keeping up the momentum is essential to strike a balanced approach to changing business needs and existing security. We will outline five quick and easy steps to create and build comprehensive security on your IT network.

5 Steps to Create a Security Ecosystem

Step 1: Take Inventory

Assess and evaluate the state of your current security solutions that are in place on the network. The two most important inventories to check will be to analyse how data is shared across the whole IT system, and what gaps exist within the IT infrastructure.

Steps to take:

  • Decide on what is currently in use and whether it will serve as it did before
  • Step into the future and evaluate what is next for your organisation.

It is important to get input from your broader team to gain a better inventory perspective. It will enable you to picture what is in place and what needs amending accurately.

Step 2: Set Goals

Once there is an understanding of what works and doesn’t, this can be a starting point to set clear-cut goals.

Set and define clear goals on what is ahead and what outcomes your business needs to achieve – potential plans could include a decrease in cybersecurity incidents, an increase in patching cadence, or even better results in phishing tasks. Answering these questions will help you work out the type of security ecosystems your business needs.

Step 3: Assess Solutions

Assess whether you can group any duplication of capabilities or anything that overlaps processes that could lead to unnecessary spending or even create time-consuming management processes. Alternatively, this could even help you spot opportunities to streamline your processes, whether it be with platforms, vendors or even IT consultants that you could be using. Ensure that every area of your IT serves its intended purpose.

It’s vital to keep on track with IT security developments that will allow the IT department to find solutions that strike a balance between being cost-effective and feature-rich.

Step 4: Implement Solutions

Before setting up solutions, it may be beneficial to set up Microsoft first, then use the Mobile Device Management (MDF) functionality to implement additional services and solutions.

If there are new technologies introduced into your organisation, consider vendors and tools that naturally integrate with one another to get the best from each technology. However, every business is different. We do understand this; that is why we recommend using vendor-neutral partners that can help identify the right technologies for your business – that can help you create a siloed approach to your security posture.

Step 5: Monitor and Evaluate

Don’t fall into complacency – once you implement the changes with your personalised security ecosystem. Staying on top of it is an ongoing duty. Define a clear roadmap and check your progress by monitoring the changes and evaluating whether the organisation has made suitable approaches. If the right changes are in place – assess how much the change has impacted the organisation. This way, you can share your progress with the broader team to enable any future funds down the line.

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