Why Business Continuity
and Disaster Recovery is
Vital for YOUR Business

By Phoebe Parsons | Account Executive at claireLOGIC

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) is the overall process of minimising the likelihood and impact of a disaster on a business, and is a key component for business viability.

Business Continuity primarily deals with the operations side of BCDR. For example, this involves designing and creating policies or procedures that ensure that essential business functions are available during and post-disaster. BC can include the replacement of staff, resolving service availability issues, business impact analyses and change management implementations.

On the other hand, Disaster Recovery focuses on the IT/Cyber aspect involved in BCDR. DR defines how an organisation’s IT department will recover from both natural and artificial disasters (i.e. ransomware attacks). Elements within this phase of BCDR can include:

  • Server and network restoration – i.e. ensuring your business can remain online
  • Copying backup data – ensuring all important data is stored in multiple locations should one become compromised i.e. both on your PC and in the cloud
  • Providing backup systems – making sure you can gain access to business data i.e. if your laptop is damaged
  • Replacing damaged technology – having a system and insurance in place to seamlessly replace that damaged laptop

Essentially, BCDR involves identifying potential risks, implementing plans and processes to mitigate these risks, and developing a recovery plan to ensure your business can bounce back should the worst happen.

It’s really important businesses are well prepared should the worst happen, particularly as the financial implication of a disaster can be huge, particularly if operations halt due to significant downtime.

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Has your business considered these risks? Do you have sufficient controls in place to mitigate such risks?

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