Technology we have
the Apollo Missions to thank 

by Fiona Frost

Fiona Frost | Business Development Manager at claireLOGIC

The Computer microchip

Our modern microchips (used in everything from calculators to home PCs) descend from the integrated circuits. These were originally developed and used in the Apollo Guidance Computers.

Cordless tools

Did you know that your trustee power drill and cordless vacuum cleaner battery technology is thanks to technology designed to drill for moon samples…

Freeze-dried food

During long lunar journeys, Nasa had to develop a way to transport high volumes of food for astronauts – freeze-drying was the answer, as it reduces food weight and increases shelf life without sacrificing nutritional value…not sure about the taste though?!

Domestic and commercial insulation

Modern insulation uses reflective materials, the same type as the materials developed to protect spacecraft from intense radiation space.

The Gaming Joystick

This computer gaming device was first developed and used on the Apollo Lunar Rover programme.

Satellite television

Technology used to fix errors in spacecraft signals is now used to help unscrambled pictures and sound in satellite television signals.

Scratch resistant lenses

The very same technology used to make an astronaut’s space helmet visor scratch resistant is the very coating which makes our spectacles scratch resistant.

Shoe insoles

Athletic shoe companies adapted Apollo space-boot design technology to lessen the impact of bounce – this was done by adding micro-springs and air-ventilation – like those found in the boot Neil Armstrong’s momentous first step…

Smoke detectors

Nasa originally invented smoke detectors. These were developed post Apollo 13. They were adjustable, with sensitivity levels to prevent false alarms…

Domestic water filters

The water filter used at home borrow heavily from techniques that Nasa pioneered to kill bacteria in water was taken into space.

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