Is your IT working with you to achieve your business goals?

How much of your business is the digital exchange and storage of information?

How much of your business is made up of documents, emails, telephone calls? What would happen if that information was lost, stolen or unavailable?

Most businesses see their IT systems evolve over time – with new equipment and software being bolted-on to existing infrastructure as the business grows – and this organic IT growth can throw up challenges… Does this sound like you?

At claireLOGIC we have helped many companies plan their IT with a strategic review. More than just a cursory evaluation – a strategic review is a comprehensive, technical system exploration, which highlights strengths and weaknesses as well as potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with your different systems.


You’re in safe hands


Once we have processed the results, we couple this with your short, medium and long-term goals to present you/your board with an easy to understand road map.

This will enable you to confidently plan ahead, and to know where recourses should be put first, for example, which IT systems to choose, security/data considerations, policies to put in place.

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About claireLOGIC

At claireLOGIC we work with our eyes and ears open. If we come across frustrations that we have solutions for we’ll talk to you about our ideas. We’re not the kind of business that comes in with a job sheet and ignores everything else. We invest in the best management and professional services automation software. This allows us to work accurately and efficiently ensuring that your needs are always met.

We also invest in our staff who all receive training opportunities, regular reviews and incentives for certification. We choose new recruits carefully to get the right people. Keeping our staff happy and motivated means a lot to us – it also means a better service for you.

We’ll listen to what you need and recommend the right solutions for your business, delivering exactly what we say we will.

Our IT solutions can help keep your business running 24/7. We will always be responsive and flexible and look that one step ahead – identifying potential problems and planning for them. And if issues do arise, we will be rapid in resolving them with minimal disruption.

  • We are one team together
  • Communicate early, communicate often
  • Show empathy, putting ourselves in your shoes
  • Have fun, we enjoy what we do
  • We deliver on what we promise
  • Providing reliability for your business