Sporadic Contacts sync with OS X Yosemite and Office 365 (Exchange)

by Andre Vaux

Andre is Managing Director at claireLOGIC – a business which delivers IT and Communications services to businesses in the UK.

Recently we saw some weird issues where contacts in the OS X Yosemite Contacts app were not appearing from an Office 365 mailbox.

We did some tests to find out what exactly wasn’t working:
If you edit a contact in OWA/Outlook 2013 this would then show up in the Yosemite Contacts app.If you add a contact in Yosemite Contacts app this would show up in OWA/Outlook 2013.

Somehow when the contact was edited/refreshed it then appeared in Yosemite Contacts app!

We found the problem was that the mailbox had been opened using the new “Outlook for Mac for Office 365”. This could be Outlook 2014! This seems to mess around with the contact categories which make contacts non-viewable in the Yosemite Contacts app.

The fix is to edit each contact and set and then clear a category. This needs to be done using “Outlook for Mac for Office 365”. If you try with Outlook 2013 this won’t fix the problem. You have to assign and clear categories in “Outlook for Mac for Office 365”. Once you’ve done this your contacts will start appearing in Yosemite Contacts app again. Happy days!

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