At claireLOGIC we’re serious about our team’s personal development

by Andre Vaux

Andre is Managing Director at claireLOGIC – a business which delivers IT and Communications services to businesses in the UK.

We strive to get better – not only as a business, but also as individuals.

Recently, several of the claireLOGIC team attended a training day entitled “How To Be Brilliant”. The bulk of the day was run by Michael Heppell. If you’ve not heard of Michael before he’s worth looking up. Not only is he a leading expert on customer service, he is also one of the top speakers in the world. His talks are really interesting and he has a fabulous skill of being entertaining and incredibly inspiring and challenging. What we heard during the day will help us in our day-to-day work, but importantly also, in our personal lives.

If you get the chance to attend an event where Michael is speaking I’d strongly recommend you go and hear him. I’m also currently reading (or rather listening) to his book “How To Be Brilliant” (available from Amazon). It’s good if you get the audio version as he narrates it which makes it good to listen to.

I asked the team for a couple of takeaways that they got from the “How To Be Brilliant” day. Here are a few:

  • “YOU are the AVERAGE of the 5 people you spend most of your time with”.
    Isn’t that’s a fascinating statement? How supportive are your co-workers and friends? Where are they heading?
  • Be aware of the different psychometric profiles (DISC).
    Keeping this in mind can help improve approaching different conversations and improve productivity in teams.
  • Plan your day the night before – write down 5 things you want to achieve the following day.
    As you complete them, tick them off. This seems old fashioned but does seem to help. We’ve tested it.
  • Be different!
    Standing out from the crowd is usually a good thing…

 Andre Vaux, Managing Director. Amie Cook, Client Services Executive. Duane James, ICT Support Engineer.


Never stop learning

When you’ve been doing something for a long time it’s easy to become complacent or think you know it all. A few months ago someone suggested I attend a course named “Role of the Managing Director” at the Institute of Directors (IoD). The IoD is a useful resource for directors and business owners looking to better themselves and their businesses.

I personally attended the course and I’m so glad I did. Not only did I meet some interesting people, but I learned so much about the role I’d been performing for the last 5+ years. If you’ve found yourself in a similar role and not had any formal training I do think it’s worth stepping up to take some training.

As MD’s we are responsible for more than other directors; not just to the business or shareholders, but also from a legal perspective. Attending the course is helping me to focus on core areas I should be working on – such as governance, strategy, delegation and more. As I have a technical background it’s very easy to want to step in and provide solutions – do you ever step in like that? But as MDs we should be surrounding ourselves with people that are better than us at doing these things!

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