Intuitive HR software to enable productive employees from day one


Let’s look at the advantages of fully integrated HR systems…

The success of any business depends on people, which is why HRis critical to business success. However, to effectively support the business strategy HRneeds time to focus on people strategy and people data to inform workforce investment decisions. 


Every business needs an HR solution but if you’re a UK based SME, then Personio is the solution of choice. That’s because Personio is… 

Professionally set-up and ready to go. The ideal HR software for all business types and sizes. 





HR can’t be strategic until it excels at operations

That’s why selecting a technology solution is such an important decision. A global HR solution that automates core processes, manages data securely and provides accurate workforce information enables HR to excel at people operations and strategy. 

Personio makes HR administration as easy as possible 

Calculating absence entitlements isn’t fun but it has to be done. That’s why Personio makes the core HR stuff that has to happen in every company as simple and efficient as possible. If you get them wrong – or spend too much time getting them right – strategic HR will take a back seat. 


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