What our clients say

Current feedback rating: 4.86 / 5 (January 2018)

Most of our clients come through referral and recommendation. The testimonials below are from some that we support... 

Thank you for the smooth transition in to our new offices. I must admit I didn’t think it would go as well - 100 staff turning up for work in a new location on new computers! But it really has gone brilliantly and the management team are very happy! I owe you lunch!  
New office setup, Client relocation, Ongoing support
Client: SF, London
We really appreciate the value claireLOGIC give us by just being there to help our staff when we need it. They're a very good fit - I wouldn’t go looking now I’ve got the level of service that just suits us. claireLOGIC are as attentive as we want them to be and we know if we have reported an issue that they are dealing with it.
Full Service Desk and Management
Client: FR, Cheltenham
claireLOGIC has been incredibly helpful during the planning and establishment of our new business. They are full of expert advice on all matters IT, and whatever the problem, will find a perfect solution. Their engineers deep knowledge continues to impress me, and they are a pleasure to work with. We can't recommend them highly enough!
New office setup, New business setup, Ongoing support
RK, London
claireLOGIC offers a fantastic service - they have helped both me and many of my colleagues with home wireless and internet issues as well as helping when things crash and data suddenly vanishes! claireLOGIC offers a prompt and really efficient service.
Residential support, Wireless, Internet
Client: FW, Oxford
We had a couple of problems during the first few days - your guys were absolutely excellent. I’m very happy with our new systems - thanks for all your help and advice.  
Project work, Computer deployment, Ongoing support
Client: PF, Huddersfield
Thank your engineers for your recent support with helping us relocate premises - it was a massive help. claireLOGIC customer service is excellent and you guys never fail with technical support.
Ongoing support
Client: RS, Abingdon
claireLOGIC has always been reliable, responsive, methodical and professional in their work with us. I have been impressed with their approach and when offering advice he has been impartial and leaves you to make the decision. We have recommended them on several occasions. They are great at talking in plain English!
System cleanups
Client: TS, Oxford
Knowing how much the business relies on email these days we were concerned that our migration to Office 365 might cause us to be “off air” for even a short time.  As it turned out the  claireLOGIC support team waved their magic wand and it was a faultless transition.  No emails lost and most staff never noticed it was happening.  I am delighted with the improved speed and the reduced risk of business interruption that this has gained us.  
Project work, Office 365 migration, Ongoing support
Client: NW, Oxford