We are proud to present the UK’s leading cyber security and disaster management experts. They’ll share with you how to prevent, prepare and manage a data, security, cyber, or even an ‘act of God’ disaster – like a flood or fire.


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Held at Datto’s stunning head office in Reading, with immersive keynote presentations, live disaster demonstration and expert one-to-one clinics – this is your opportunity to prepare for a disaster.

There is a significant difference between backup and disaster recovery – as business leaders, we need to know this and prepare.

Don’t be the next news story… start preparing today.

In our ‘want it now’ on-demand business world – even the smallest of interruptions can cause significant damage to your business continuity. So what would happen if you had a real disaster – data breach, ransomware attack, disgruntled employee or even a flood or fire…

Ask yourself, how long would it take your business to recover from a disaster, how much would it cost your business in loss of sales, loss of service, ICO fines – what would the cost of reputational brand damage be?

This event is being offered FREE of charge to delegates, but due to limited numbers, we are taking expressions of interest for this event.