Dark Web Monitoring



by Fiona Frost

Fiona Frost | Business Development Manager at claireLOGIC

What is the Dark Web?

The web you’ve used today is only a part of the wider web. The Dark Web is an area of the internet which isn’t visible without specific software, configurations, or authorisation to access. Most websites on the Dark Web are used for criminal activities such as the purchase of drugs, weapons, credit card information – as well as stolen digital credentials – which could include your team’s usernames and passwords.

Why could the Dark Web affect YOUR business?

Your IT security could be strong and impenetrable. But if your team’s usernames and passwords or other credentials have been compromised, then your business is at a high risk of a data breach, ransomware or other fraudulent activity.

Discover Data Breaches Faster

Most organisations think they would know or be alerted if they had been hacked but unfortunately a member of your team may have fallen foul of a past phishing attack and inadvertently given sensitive information away without ever realising it.

For example, a member of your team could have used their business email address and password on a third-party website that has been victim of a hack. Unbeknownst to you, the usernames and passwords have been stolen. This happens on a daily basis and is a constant threat to business security because many people re-use the same passwords across business systems and consumer websites.

What can you do?

At claireLOGIC we take a proactive stance by looking beyond your infrastructure – we monitor the wider threats to your business. Using specialist tools, our Dark Web monitoring will identify any usernames and passwords for sale to hackers that include your domain, regardless of how these details were gained.

Our monitoring works in real-time enabling us to alert you when your organisation is at risk. Subsequently your team can be given warning to stop using certain passwords.

Dark Web Monitoring

Here’s what it looks like…

How our solution helps you

  • Prevents identity theft, data breaches and cybercrime
  • Prevents business credentials being exploited by criminals
  • Monitors staff email addresses, usernames and IP addresses 
  • Enables actionable intelligence for business protection
  • Proactive monitoring enabling quick responses to prevent data breaches
  • Decreases the risk of reputational & financial damage
  • Demonstrates to stakeholders a commitment to security
  • Assists with GDPR, ISO 27001 and compliance

How we use it

As part of a layered security approach, our Dark Web monitoring service protects your infrastructure beyond the network perimeter. It constantly searches the Dark Web reporting any issues identified. This intelligence helps to keep risks low – it’s easier to highlight a change of password than to recover from a criminal having access to your systems.

The claireLOGIC difference

At claireLOGIC our approach is pragmatic. Your business needs technology to thrive and achieve your goals. So we deliver support, strategy and security that gives you maximum uptime with minimal impact on your team’s user experience. Dark Web monitoring is just one part of this. 

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