Co-managed IT Services


Strategic engagement within the delivery of technology solutions sets us apart from the competition.


Co-managed IT Support


If your internal IT team needs additional resource or particular expertise, claireLOGIC can help.


We understand each IT Manager has different requirements. claireLOGIC seamlessly integrates with you and your team.






Support for IT Managers

claireLOGIC delivers co-managed technology and communication solutions. Our fresh approach engages at an IT strategic level, using tried and tested technology foundations for your business to grow on.

Our goal of proactive support is to identify and resolve issues before they impact you and your business. We like to solve problems before you even realise they exist, improving your IT experience without you having to call us.


Providing outsourced IT support that complements your existing team

Internal IT often need extra help

Access multi-skilled IT specialists

When you call, we pick up. Confidently trust that your business will have access to certified IT professionals.



Onsite and remote office support

The additional manpower that you need to help with workload and solving complex IT issues.



Gain back valuable time

Free up your team and minimise bottlenecks with speedy and efficient support.



Access to a wealth of industry resources

You will have access to our best resources, technical expertise and years of industry experience.


Access to useful service bolt-ons

Whether it’s cybersecurity support or cloud support, select additional bolt-on services that you wouldn’t normally have access to.



Better results for you and your customers

Seamless integration of high quality IT support will allow your staff to work more productively.



Flexible support that evolves as you need it

When you need extra help for a big project, we’ll be there – scale down and down quickly and easily.



Scheduled strategy meetings

Receive strategic advice so that you know your business has the resilience to operate and thrive no matter what IT challenges you might face.


Experienced and Certified

We have been providing IT services to businesses across the UK for over 20 years. We are passionate about what we do and believe your business can reach its aspirations by providing bespoke technology solutions that align to your strategic goals.

claireLOGIC is focused on delivering services to growing organisations. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience, working with companies based across the Thames Valley and London.




We can help your business

We take a different approach to most of the IT marketplace, by focusing on delivering business value and the necessary complementary support for you, rather than just managed IT services.

We communicate this in an easy to understand, jargon-free language for you to present to your board that will ensure they are confident with the impact our technology recommendations can make to your organisation. We do this with vendor independence and objectivity.