CHARITY SPECIAL: Cyber security, and how to get more bang for your IT buck…

by Fiona Frost

Fiona Frost | Business Development Manager at claireLOGIC

With a 39% increase in the instances of data-breaches within the second-half of last year, charities must take cyber security seriously…

A survey (by specialist charity insurer Markel) found that only 54% of charities didn’t know, or said that their charity was not prepared to fend-off a potential cyber security attack.

Organisations we support in the third sector have found that, because they have many part-time or job-share volunteers, that a speedy fix to their IT issues is absolutely paramount – as a day lost by a part-time person could be equivalent to a week’s work!

Increased IT efficiencies

Could your organisation afford downtime? The answer is almost definitely no! So what are you doing to mitigate the risk of a full outage of IT and digital comms? Without disaster recovery and businesses continuity planning, you may be opening yourself up to potential harm…

Don’t panic, there are things that can be done – from specialist disaster recovery systems, down to just making sure you have an adequate cloud-based backup solution in place.

Every step you take, gets you closer to mitigating the risk of damaging downtime, or even worse, a data-breach which could see you being slapped with a big fine, or even appearing in the press for the wrong reasons.

Data law, what do you know?

The same Markel survey contained a truly scary number… 11% of respondents claimed total ignorance of data protection law.

If you need a reason to make sure that your organisation is cybercrime ready – it is that the highest maximum fine for a data protection breach is a whopping 20 million Euros (or equivalent in sterling) or 4% of the total annual worldwide turnover, whichever is higher.

Expert advice

claireLOGIC have extensive experience supporting charities and not-for-profit organisations

If you’re in the third sector we can help with managed IT solutions – supporting your current technical teams, or even as a fully outsourced solution – providing everything from VOIP telecommunication technology, cybersecurity, disaster recovery, right through to Office 365 migration and licensing.

Doing more for less – charity discounts

Ask us about heavily discounted hardware and software which is available to charitable organisations, we can leverage our current supplier network to give you more bang for your IT buck.

In fact, some of our biggest providers offer a not-for-profit discount for our clients:

  • Datto disaster recovery
  • ESET anti-virus protection
  • Microsoft Office 365

We love helping those that help others, so let’s talk today.

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