I’ve had the same broom for the last twenty years…

by Fiona Frost

Fiona Frost | Business Development Manager at claireLOGIC

Do you ever deliberate, pontificate and procrastinate, finally make a decision and then almost instantly wonder what you’ve actually done? Not necessarily in an “oh my word what have I done?!” sort of way, but more of a “I still don’t really understand what it is I’m signed up to” sort of way.

Well, if the answer is no, please write a book, to explain how this has never happened to you, so us mere mortals can learn the art of decision making…

I suspect however, that at one point in time with one decision or another, this has happened to you, because we’re all human, even us!

We hear anecdotes from prospective and current clients’ prior experiences, about the choices they’ve made in the past to do with their IT systems. Be it hardware, software or online services; sometimes it’s just not that clear what the true requirements were, but you’ve done what’s you’ve been advised to, and then questioned whether there was another way?!

The difference between solutions differ dramatically, in terms of cost, time to set-up and the quality of the end result.

So how can you figure out what you need?

Well, that falls into the ‘easy when you know how’ category, but isn’t always clear-cut.

We’ve got years of experience at identifying what a system needs and what it should look like, and we also know that there’s no one size fits all approach. Infrastructure changes from business to business, from an entirely new system top to bottom, to a Trigger’s Broom scenario where it now somewhat resembles the original setup but has evolved over time.

Trigger: And that’s what I’ve done. Maintained it for 20 years. This old brooms’ had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time.
Sid: How the hell can it be the same bl**dy broom then?
Trigger: There’s the picture. What more proof do you need?

Get the right IT advice – and get a second opinion

Either way, whether it’s that you’re not sure you’ve made the right choice, want some advice on a new solution, or a second opinion on your existing supplier for a fresh take on things, you can give us a call. Or if you’re in the area, pop in for a brew and a cookie*.

We prefer to avoid jargon and like to get to the point (going back to being human again) and are always keen to see what’s under the hood of any given system, it’s what makes us tick.

*Cookies don’t have to be accepted and all cookies are of course GDPR compliant 😊

10-Apr-2019 10:17:39

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