Backup will not protect you from downtime

In a fast-changing and competitive market no business can afford downtime

Some threats to your business can’t be avoided, and backup is simply not enough.

A natural disaster or cyber-attack can disrupt your business without the right business continuity solution in place.

We understand that downtime, of any kind, impacts your operation, reputation and profitability.

We can help you plan and deploy the right strategy – preventing disruption, disaster and downtime for your business.

Business Continuity is not backup

A Business Continuity solution is a carbon copy of both your on-premise and cloud IT systems.

Business Continuity gives your business the necessary protection for your files and applications, whether they reside on local servers, end-user devices, or in cloud applications.

With a wide array of recovery options to match any scenario, Business Continuity keeps your business running.



Fast recovery

Cut out stress and cost of business downtime by quickly failing over operations locally or in the cloud




Image Level Backups

Efficient Data Protection is achieved through image level backups that can be mounted and running in minutes




Application continuity

Ensure every one of your applications remains in the same state post recovery, after any disaster




Network protection

We make sure every element of your network is equally protected within our solution to ensure uptime



Resilient to business disruption

Designed to ensure your critical systems are not at risk and your data is always online. With business continuity you benefit from;

► Transparent insights and reporting, be confident in your failover system 

► Replica of your business infrastructure on premise and in the cloud

► Rapid restoration times with minimal disruption

Whether your systems are hybrid, virtual or traditionally physical, our Business Continuity solution, will ensure they’re fully protected and available when you need them.

Stay operational by ensuring your systems and data are always online with Business Continuity.


Ensure uptime with smart solutions to protect your critical data and applications whether they reside on local servers or end-user devices

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