Hanging out with the IT crowd… claireLOGIC exhibit at Reading Business Expo

by Fiona Frost

Fiona Frost | Business Development Manager at claireLOGIC

For claireLOGIC, it’s great to be in a place where we get introduced to new clients through existing customers and partners – referrals have seen our business grow to where we are today. However, it’s also important to get our proverbial business face out there…

Reading Business Expo

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of exhibiting at Reading’s first ever Business Expo – which took place at the Madejski Stadium, a wonderful place, with a fantastic atmosphere.

Along with other local Thames Valley businesses, we conversed the day away, between some very informative showcase speakers, who delivered some fantastic educational seminars.

The event was superbly managed with the staff on the top of their game, which made for a very smooth and enjoyable event for all concerned.

Key takeaways:

  • 3 strong Madejski coffees is enough for anyone
  • It’s always nice to see our friends from the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce
  • A ‘Super Connector’ is an actual job title
  • Some people’s business cards are better than others!
  • Reading seems a very cool place to work

Suffice to say, we live and work in a bustling area, with some innovative and diverse blend of organisations and business experts – its often easy to be complacent about that but given the opportunity to meet and speak with other business supremos’ – it really drives home just how lucky we are.

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